Lot NoTypeMixSq (M)Sq (FT)Status
200Shop 1Supermarket 258527825Rented
201Shop 2Clothing and Accessories23248Available
202Shop 3Clothing and Accessories25269Available
203Shop 4Clothing and Accessories24258Available
204Shop 5Clothing and Accessories25269Available
205Shop 6Clothing and Accessories24258Reserved
206Shop 7Clothing and Accessories25269Reserved
207Shop 8Clothing and Accessories24258Reserved
208Shop 10Health & Beauty29312Available
209Shop 9ATM665Available
210Shop 11Health & Beauty19205Available
211Shop 12Health & Beauty19205Reserved
212Shop 13Health & Beauty38409Reserved
213Shop 14Services38409Available
214Shop 15Services19205Available
215Shop 16Services19205Available
216Shop 17Services20215Available
217Shop 18Food 18194Available
218Shop 19Food 12129Available
219Shop 20Food 20215Available
220Shop 21Food 29312Available
221Shop 22Food 23248Available
222Shop 23Food 24258Available
223Shop 24Food 23248Available
224Shop 25Food 27291Available
225Shop 26Food 14151Available
226Shop 27Health & Beauty11118Available
227Shop 28Clothing and Accessories12129Available
228Shop 29Services11118Available
229Shop 30Clothing and Accessories28301Available
230Shop 31Clothing and Accessories36388Available
231Shop 32Clothing and Accessories34366Available
232Shop 33Health & Beauty33355Available

Plaza Boulevard is a mixed-use urban project and represents the epitome of modern living, offering local shops, a supermarket, a food court, offices and apartments. It offers to residents a modern and convenient living space in the heart of Rose-Hill. The project stands out for its prime location in a city which will be revitalized with the arrival of the Metro Express and its contemporary design. Furthermore, the architectural vision of Plaza Boulevard is also promoting a high quality of life for all Mauritians.

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