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👉City Connect Apartments is a modern development located in the heart of Quatre Bornes. The proposed project is an exclusive residential development and consists of 12 apartments from 1st floor to 3rd floor.

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Yes indeed!!! It has been a pleasure working with you. My wife and I really appreciate the enthusiasm and devotion you have shown all along the way. I must say it again; you never give up! Keep the spirit. Thank you for everything. Until we meet for another deal, all the best!
R & A D.
I wish to inform you that I successfully obtained my contract last week.
It has been a pleasure working with you, I wish you and your team good continuation.
Mr J.S
We certainly appreciate all your efforts and kind patience in helping us find the right space. Our warmest gratitude goes to you.
Mr M.S
Understanding of financial situation and ability and helpfulness in adapting especially when I was overseas.
Mr R.F

Frequently asked questions ​

In practice, Mauritian real estate agencies charge a 2%-commission to buyer as well as to the seller.

Several factors determine how long the process of buying or selling real estate takes. The most important of these factors is the season in which you begin to search for a property or offer it for sale.

The real estate market, like other investments, is based on the principle of supply and demand. Real estate is on-demand in certain seasons of the year. It is not possible to ascertain a specific time as it can vary according to the circumstances of each season. You may find the right home for you within a week, or the search process can last for months.

But there are certainly some factors that can speed up your process:

  • You have to put a financial plan in advance. It should be clear and detailed before you start searching for real estate.
  • You have to specify your desires and needs in the house or property to concentrate on what you need and not get overwhelmed.
  • Set a time limit to make up your decision so that you do not waste time inspecting real estate, which increases your hesitation.

That’s up to you! For sure, home shopping today is easier today than ever before. The ability to search for homes online and see pictures, even before setting a foot outside the comfort of your living room, has completely changed the home buying game. Convenience is at an all-time high. But, nothing beats visiting a home to see how it looks and ‘feels’ in person

In sellers’ markets, increasing demand for homes drives up prices. Here are some of the drivers of demand:

Economic factors – the local labor market heats up, bringing an inflow of new residents and pushing up home prices before more inventory can be built.

Interest rates trending downward – improves home affordability, creating more buyer interest, particularly for first time home buyers who can afford bigger homes as the cost of money goes lower.

A short-term spike in interest rates – may compel “on the fence” buyers to make a purchase if they believe the upward trend will continue. Buyers want to make a move before their purchasing power (the amount they can borrow) gets eroded.

A buyer’s market is characterized by declining home prices and reduced demand. Several factors may affect long-term and short-term buyer demand, like: Economic disruption – a big employer shuts down operations, laying off their workforce.

Interest rates trending higher – the amount of money the people can borrow to buy a home is reduced because the cost of money is higher, thus reducing the total number of potential buyers in the market. Home prices drop to meet the level of demand and buyers find better deals.

Short-term drop in interest rates – can give borrowers a temporary edge with more purchasing power before home prices can react to the recent interest rate changes.

High inventory – a new subdivision and can create downward pressure on prices of older homes nearby, particularly if they lack highly desirable features (modern appliances, etc.)

Sellers can flat-out accept or reject an initial offer. But there a third path that is quite common, sellers can initiate a counteroffer. Remember this: a deal isn’t dead until it’s dead. So, if a counteroffer is proffered by the seller, you’re still in the game. You and your agent just need to review it determine whether the counteroffer is acceptable. If so, then approving it closes the deal immediately. Keep in mind, offers and counteroffers can go back-and-forth many times; this is not unusual and negotiations are a part of what Realtors do as a matter of routine. Each revision should bring both parties closer together on the terms of the deal.


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